TyTAN a ground-breaking support solution for the UK's Eurofighter fleet has saved more than £500m which has provided the UK Customer with re-investment opportunities to further enhance Capability of the platform has won a major industry award.

The Typhoon Total Availability Enterprise (TyTAN) sees the Royal Air Force working together with the Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems to ensure aircraft are available at the right place and the right time whilst reducing costs which can be re-invested in to new capability. The TyTAN team have been recognised by Aviation Week and will be picking up an award at the prestigious Aviation Week Network Laureates Awards, which recognises leaders across the Aviation community.In the first three years of the programme, £501m of savings were re-invested in to enhancements in radar, defensive aids, future weapons and next generation mission planning.

Michael Southern, TyTAN Delivery Director, said the joint team was hitting its targets "delivering more than 75,000 flying hours whilst also coping with demands of continuing capability enhancements to the fleet and involvement in major events such as the RAF’s centenary celebrations in 2018. It is about delivering the right aircraft, the right capability, at the right time and the right cost."

"TyTAN has transformed the support of the frontline Eurofighter force whilst delivering a 40% reduction in the through-life support costs of the fleet. This has enabled the re-investment of the savings made in to future-proofing Typhoon, ensuring it is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow."

In the first three years, TyTAN has already delivered 70% of its targeted savings including the Joint Avionics Service (JAS), a collaboration on avionics support with BAE Systems' Electronic Systems business and Leonardo..

An example of the way these savings are delivered is in repairs with 40% of repairs to the Typhoon fleet now undertaken at RAF Coningsby and RAF Lossiemouth, the RAF's key Typhoon bases.

Michael Southern added; "We see TyTAN as a blueprint for the way we support our Typhoon customers across the globe and we are really proud to be recognised for our hard work by Aviation Week. A huge congratulations to everyone who works across the TyTAN contract, it is a showcase of the collaboration and effort right across the enterprise."