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The Eurofighter Typhoon consortium is built on the strength of 4 European nations: UK; Germany; Italy and Spain, and their leading aerospace and defence companies: Airbus; BAE Systems and Leonardo. This unrivalled partnership allows equal access to shared manufacturing, development and the creation of long-lasting political and industrial relations. A genuine European collaboration.

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A Technological Bridge to the Future

Constant capability development enables customers and partner nations to keep up with evolving threats and challenges. As innovation and future skills are a key driver in the ongoing development, the Eurofighter Typhoon is predestined to become a bridge for the next generation combat air system.

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Latest Eurofighter News

Press Release

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Report reveals Eurofighter jobs and economies boost

Report ‘growth scenario’ shows programme GDP contribution of €90 billion. Programme supports more than 98,000 jobs annually. Further investments required to ensure national sovereignty and fulfil economic benefits.

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30 Years Young

The maiden flight of the first Eurofighter development aircraft, DA1, took place at DASA in Manching 30 years ago — on 27 March 1994.

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Eurofighter Typhoons star during Saudi Arabian exercise

Eurofighter Typhoon from RAF’s (Fighter) Squadron have been taking part in Spears of Victory — a multi-national air training exercise organised by the Royal Saudi Air Force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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