Typhoons take part in largest UK exercise in over a decade 

Eurofighter Typhoons have taken part in what was the RAF’s largest exercise in the UK for over a decade.

Exercise Crimson Warrior also involved the Royal Navy, British Army, United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force.

The exercise involved rapid jets, multi-engine aircraft, helicopters and Unmanned Air Systems operated from bases across the country. Over 70 aircraft — including the Typhoons — completed a range of missions during the three-week training session.

The exercise also marked the end of the intense Qualified Weapons Instructor courses, where selected pilots are trained to be expert practitioners in their individual warfare speciality or aircraft. 

As a swing role aircraft, the Typhoon lent itself perfectly to the course. Students were tested in both air-to-air and air-to-ground roles in the same mission, with pilots engaging hostile aircraft as they approached their target area. They were then asked to defend against enemy surface-to-air missiles as they located and attacked the land targets.


Above: Two RAF Coningsby Typhoons lead an F-35 RAF Marham after completing the refuelling during Exercise Crimson Warrior. Below: A Typhoon after refuelling 


© UK MOD Crown Copyright 2020  Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Conor Morgan

"Exercise Crimson Warrior is the UK’s premier live airborne tactical training event of the year and the directing staff from the Air & Space Warfare Centre’s 92 Squadron took great pride in delivering an extremely demanding and complex exercise," said Exercise Director Group Captain Rob Barrett. 


All the participants gained valuable experience in the integration of Air and Space power roles. The QWIC students, who met the exacting standards required during Exercise Crimson Warrior, proved themselves in the most challenging of environments and are now qualified to join the ranks of the UK Services’ most able tactical leaders and instructors.