On May 5, 2021, Germany’s Tactical Air Force Squadron 74 celebrated its 60th birthday. And to mark this landmark anniversary the Bavarian Tigers, who are based in the squadron, have unveiled a specially-painted Eurofighter.

The makeover is the work of designer Alexander Hamm from Neuburg. 

The Bavarian Tigers were founded on March 18, 2013, by members of Taktisches Luftwaffegeschwader 74 (TaktLwG 74) and have been a full member of the NATO Tiger Association since May 17, 2016.

The association, which was formed in the 1960s, originally consisted exclusively of NATO flying units with a feline predator on their crest. Over time, smaller, comradely meetings and joint training sessions evolved into one of the Northern Alliance's largest air combat exercises: the annual NATO Tiger Meet. 

After the German Air Force disbanded the fighter-bomber squadron 321 from Lagerlechfeld, the two Neuburg squadrons continued the Tiger tradition. Since becoming members, the squadron from Bavaria has had access to one of the highest-quality exercises in the world.

The latest Bavarian Tiger is the Neuburg team’s seventh and it’s the second time that Alexander Hamm been asked to design one of the Tigers.

Photos: TaktLwG 74_The Bavarian Tiger 2021_Güngör