New NETMA GM looking forward to 2021 challenges 

In the summer of 2020, the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) appointed a new General Manager.


From your point of view, what were the NETMA highlights of 2020?

"2021 is another year of strategic importance for the Eurofighter programme and there will be a number of crucial challenges.

One of the main ones for the Eurofighter Enterprise will be helping secure the Halcon contract for 20 new aircraft for Spain. This is a continuation of the German Quadriga agreement and achieving it will require the full commitment of all our national and industry partners.

More broadly, I believe all our efforts will be needed to continue to support Eurofighter export campaigns and opportunities. These are essential to boost the Eurofighter community and to demonstrate the competitiveness of the weapon system.

And, of course, we have to continue surviving, physically and mentally, in the face of COVID-19, which has brought so much difficulty to our private and professional lives.

Finally, I’d like to underline the point that in order for the Eurofighter programme to continue to be successful we have to work as a real team — nations, industry, NETMA, Eurofighter and Eurojet — more than ever before. For me a ‘real team’ does not only mean good performance but, fairness and transparency."

"We started this year with a very positive meeting in Garmisch between industry and the four core nations. The Programme Planning and Decision meeting (PPDM) set the tone for the rest of the year, because it revitalised team spirit and helped deliver valuable updated plans.

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, we created a new working model to preserve the health of our staff and the level of performance expected of the Agency.

Summer saw the appointment of four directors at NETMA: General Manager, Deputy GM, Director of Operations and Engineering and Commercial Director. While these changes brought new skills and vast experience, they also required effort to maintain knowledge and continuity within the Agency.

Last, but not least, in November the Quadriga project was approved; 38 new aircraft for Germany to replace the existing Tranche 1 jet. This represents one of the most significant events of the last few years for the programme. The investment comes at a strategic moment for the entire Eurofighter Typhoon community and will enable the enterprise to prosper in a number of ways.

These include providing continuity for industry in terms of its production capacity; reinforcing export opportunities; contributing to the resolution of obsolescence issues; building a bridge to the future evolution of the aircraft and finally, supporting the service of NATO allies through the delivery of Germany’s operational needs."



Looking towards 2021 and beyond – what do you see as the key opportunities and challenges?

Miguel Ángel Martín Pérez, General Manager NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA)


As soon as Miguel Ángel Martín Pérez took control, one of his first major tasks was the signing of the Quadriga contracts that will support the continued modernisation of the German Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon fleet.

In this edition of Eurofighter World we ask him about the highlights of 2020 and what the next 12 months will hold.