Tiger Tiger! Claws in the Eurofighter Cockpit 

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'Tiger Tiger! Claws in the Eurofighter Cockpit' is now live on YouTube! Join us for another episode of the Fighter Show as we take you on a wild ride through the 2023 Tiger Meet at Gioia Del Colle. In this episode we’ve got some ‘purr-fect’ familiar faces returning – Captain Noble, the Eurofighter Pilot who’s always ready to pounce into action! We also catch up with Danielle Locatelli, the Eurofighter Pilot with an astonishing 3,000 flying hours, he’s truly got the eye of the tiger and Massimiliano Pmiato, the Base Commander at Gioia, leading the pack with precision and grace. Special thanks to the Italian Air Force and the Bavarian Tigers for your support. As always don't forget to hit that subscribe button.

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