Eurofighter programme - Supporting Belgian jobs and industry

The European consortium promoting Eurofighter has revealed further details of its industrial offer to Belgium as part of the ongoing bid to replace the Belgian air force’s F-16 aircraft.

The European consortium promoting Eurofighter has revealed further details of its industrial offer to Belgium as part of the ongoing bid to replace the Belgian air force’s F-16 aircraft.

  • Potential creation of more than 1,800 new jobs in Belgium
  • Builds on 40,000 jobs currently sustained across the Belgian supply chain and wider economy by the Eurofighter partners
  • Positions Belgian industry as a key player in the future European defence and aerospace sector through participation in the Eurofighter programme.

Anthony Gregory, Campaign Director for Belgium at BAE Systems, said:

Eurofighter is designed, manufactured and assembled in Europe, with Belgian industry already an established part of the supply chain. Our proposal ensures that every Euro invested by Belgium on Eurofighter would help sustain more than 100,000 direct jobs across the continent, including in Belgium.

Our Eurofighter proposal offers much more than sustainment and growth of Belgium’s aerospace and defence sectors. It offers an opportunity for Belgium to have a voice and play an active role in the future development of Eurofighter and, through this, opportunities in any next generation combat aircraft programme in Europe, with the largest defence and aerospace companies in Europe.

Peter Maute, Sales Director for Eurofighter said:

Every Euro spent on Eurofighter supports high technology aerospace and defence industrial capabilities and jobs across Europe and the EU. The industrial proposals being put forward as part of the Eurofighter offer seek to invest jointly in the future technologies and capabilities required to maintain and grow competitive market positions, generating long term sustainable opportunities for Belgium across the aerospace and defence manufacturing sectors. They also seek to provide Belgium with an influence over the future of the product and programme.

These additional details follow the signing of an agreement to support the establishment of two National Innovation Centres in Belgium, which took place on October 26. The agreement commits Eurofighter partner companies from Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK to support the centres in the event of a successful Eurofighter bid.

The Eurofighter proposal expects to deliver on these commitments by:

  • offering a place in Europe’s largest ever defence programme, where Belgium will be part of defining the future direction of capability. Investment is expected through the life of the programme including but not limited to support, electronic warfare, mission planning and flight training; 
  • an investment in research and development, ensuring that Belgium has the opportunity to continually refine its defence and aerospace manufacturing sector capabilities with the latest materials and technologies for the future. This will enable it to work as a strengthened force within the European technological industrial base to meet the challenges of participating in the next generation of military platforms; and  
  • providing Belgian industry the means to sustain and build on existing highly skilled jobs. The proposal specifically targets high value materials and manufacturing research and development that, through collaborative funding, will enhance the global prospects of aerospace companies and those in adjacent sectors. Based on previous experience, these initiatives are expected to return between 15-20% on every Euro spent in the high-value sectors of the economy.