Info - Typhoon Support wins prestigious efficiency award

Stand First: The UK Typhoon Support team has been awarded the Rolls Royce RAF Engineering Efficiency Award.

The prestigious honour was awarded to the joint team of the Royal Air Force (RAF), BAE Systems, and MoD Defence Equipment & Support.

The award was given for significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the engineering and logistic support delivered to the RAF through BAE Systems Typhoon Availability Campaign.

Neville Adams, UK Availability Director Combat Air Support said:  “This is recognition from the Royal Air Force (RAF) of all of the hard work by the RAF, Defence Equipment & Support and BAE Systems, over the last year which has made a substantial improvement to the availability of the RAF's Typhoon Fleet."

The campaign has seen several enablers put in place to improve operating efficiency, with changes in the RAF engineering and logistics areas and the delivery by BAE Systems and DE&S, of projects directed at improving aircraft and spares availability to the front line.  

A step change has been delivered.  For example, a 40% increase in the flying rate of the fleet through increased aircraft availability, spares, technical support, and training.  Recent results show that by April this year, the FAF (Forward Available Fleet) was at 100%, the number of aircraft delayed due to spares reduced by 70%, and the maintenance man hours required to generate each flying hour had reduced by 35%.

The changes and improvements are now embedded within the UK Typhoon Support Team.  Future activities are aimed at sustaining and improving this performance and are underpinned by significant improvements in behaviour, culture and co-operation between the various elements of the team.

Wing Commander Shaun Gee, Officer Commanding Engineering & Logistics Wing and Chief Air Engineer said:  “This is well deserved recognition of the UK Typhoon Community for the work in the last few years to turn Typhoon into a battle-winning, sustainable weapons platform, providing a sound baseline from which to continue to grow the Typhoon Force over the next few years.”