Info - Eurofighters take full responsibility defending Italian airspace: replacing F-16s.

Replacing the F-16 as a more modern weapon system, the Typhoon aircraft will bring to the air force operational benefits thanks to better effectiveness and capabilities of the new fighter as well as offering logistics benefits due to the standardisation of having only one operational line for air defence duties.

The ItAF leased 34 F-16s from the USAF for a period of five years, followed by an additional five years under the programme “Peace Caesar”. The aircraft has been effectively used to fill a gap during the transition from the F-104 and the Eurofighter.

62 Typhoon aircraft have been delivered to the Italian Air Force to date and during operations in Libya in 2011, the Italian Air Force fleet completed over 200 missions and flew 1294 flying hours from their Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Trapani, Sicily.