Info - Austria: Eurofighter participates in international exercise “Amadeus12”

Six Austrian Eurofighter Typhoons are playing a major role in the “Amadeus12” exercise that began on 7th May and runs until May 16th in the region of Allentsteig, Lower Austria. The exercise, which will be the biggest for Austria in 2012, involves around 2,300 soldiers and 51 different types of aircraft.

Alongside the Austrian Eurofighters from Zeltweg Air Force Base in Styria, two German Eurofighter’s from JG 74 in Neuburg are participating in the exercise. The purpose of the training is to prepare for the military evacuation of EU civilians in times of crisis or conflict. The EU aircraft, be it military transporters or chartered commercial airliners are escorted to safety by combat ground and air assets. Only recently this has been demonstrated in Egypt and Libya. Eurofighter Typhoons are participating in “Amadeus12” to provide quick reaction air support to the EU aircraft as well as offering an unquestionale deterent to any potential aggressors.