Info - Eurofighter Typhoon wins of Steedman Display Sword at RIAT

Following the impressive fully loaded, air-to-ground configured air display at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, Typhoon was honoured with the Steedman Display Sword - presented by The Royal International Air Tattoo in memory of the late Air Chief Marshal Sir Alasdair Steedman, Chairman of the International Air Tattoo (1981-1988), for the Best Flying Demonstration by a UK participant.

Air Chief Marshal Sir John Cheshire presented the sword to BAE Systems Test Pilot Mark Bowman who said: "This award is testament to the efforts of the company and all the groundcrew that made the display possible." The Warton based Instrumented Development Aircraft (IPA) 5, flew in a swing-role configuration, including four Paveway II laser guided bombs, two 1000 ltr fuel tanks, four AMRAAMs (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles) and two ASRAAMs (Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles).

The daily display, which was watched by up to 138,000 trade and public visitors highlighted that the Typhoon is agile regardless of weapon load, pulling up to an impressive 5.5g and in excess of 20 degrees angle of attack.

Most air displays are achieved by reducing fuel and weapon loads, however with this fully loaded display, Typhoon was able to demonstrate significant weapon carriage and manoeuvrability whilst still demonstrating carefree handling for the pilot.

To watch video footage of this award-winning display, go to the Eurofighter video library now.[showUid]=1232&cHash=92c2cfbe6b42a13e03ea64eedcd81454