Video – New videos of Eurofighter Typhoon from Paris Air Show available online

Following the successful 2011 Paris Air Show at which Eurofighter Typhoon had a key presence, a selection of videos filmed by Partner Companies EADS and Finmeccanica have been added to the website. These videos include the interview with RAF Typhoon pilot Rupert Joel who breifed the media on operations in Libya, an introduction to Eurofighter Typhoon by EADS and a summary of the programme by the Eurofighter team.

One of the video highlights is the cockpit footage taken by Italian Air Force Typhoon display pilot Magg. Raffaele Beltrame during his Thursday display flight above the air field at Le Bourget. At times pulling 9 g in the Typhoon, this footage gives us a real insight into the flight from a pilot’s perspective.
Go to the video gallery now to watch them for yourself.