Info - 1000 Typhoon flying hours for Italian Air Force over Libya

Italian Air Force Typhoons of 4 and 36 Stormo, redeployed to Trapani-Birgi Air Force Base, have reached the milestone of 1000 flying hours whilst involved in the NATO operation Unified Protector over Libya.

Part of the Birgi Air Task Group, created by the Italian Air Force for the NATO operation, the Italian Typhoons joined the Libya mission on 29th March 2011.
The ItAF’s Typhoons have been responsible for the defence of high value airborne assets deployed by NATO in Libya such as AWACS, ISR and air tankers plus the protection of tactical assets involved in Combined Air Operations (COMAO).
The Italian Typhoons are working in partnership with the RAF Typhoons deployed to Gioia del Colle base who have been active in both air defence and air to ground operations since 21st March.