IPA4 Eurofighter logs 500 flight hours

The first Spanish single-seat instrumented production aircraft (IPA), pioneers the most advanced technology within the Eurofighter programme. CASSIDIAN is the new name of EADS Defence & Security.

The first single-seat instrumented production Eurofighter (IPA4) has completed 500 hours of flight at the Cassidian Spain facility at Getafe, near Madrid. This aircraft pioneers the most advanced technology within the Eurofighter programme for acceptance and subsequent entry into service with the national air forces, following a functional upgrade from the original Tranche 1 standard to the more modern Tranche 2. This may serve as a model for the possible upgrade of the Tranche 1 fleets currently in service with the nations, and substantially increases the aircraft’s capabilities.

Test plans include the in-flight verification of the communication functionalities and the MIDS data link system which exchanges information with other parts of the combat scenario network, as well as integration trials and the launching of air to surface weapons.

Enrique Barrientos, CEO of Cassidian Spain and a member of the Eurofighter Board of Directors, remarked: “This is a new milestone for the Eurofighter programme in Spain, marking the development of new system capabilities for the benefit of our customers”.