Info - Merkel pays a visit

The Eurofighter Typhoon Pavilion and VIP hosting chalet is located next to Partner Company EADS’ stand

As EADS is Germany’s biggest Aerospace and Defence Company and has just celebrated ten successful years in business, their presence at this year’s show is unsurprisingly substantial. The Company have on display at this year’s event a huge range of capabilities including an A380 aircraft alongside an A400M military transport vehicle which made its air display debut today. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stopped by during her opening tour of the show to take a quick look at the EADS static aircraft which take pride of place in at the show.
As well as the A400M’s first air display was another first – a Luftwaffe Airbus A310 MRTT alongside two Eurofighter Typhoons from the German Luftwaffe. The two Laage based Typhoon aircraft were able to demonstrate pre-contact refuelling from the A310 above the watching crowds. In addition to this spectacle, EADS test pilot Geri Kraehenbuehl flew a third Typhoon from Laage for a stunning opening day air display at the show. The aircraft was able to fly directly from Laage to Berlin, perform in the display and immediately return to base. The hour long round trip left the aircraft with enough fuel for a low-level flight back to base.  
Down at the bustling Eurofighter pavilion, we have had a visit from the Under Secretary for Defence from the MoD of Slovenia, Uros Krek. Mr Krek was keen to get a guided tour of all the Eurofighter and EUROJET capabilities and had a go at flying the ever popular Cockpit Demonstrator. Tomorrow there will be a live Eurofighter EJ200 engine change by EADS at the Cooperations Luftwaffe-BDLI stand which we will update you on.
Photos from the first day here at ILA have been uploaded to our image library at and can be accessed by clicking here.