Info - Eurofighter and Junkers – The Fascination of Flight

From the good old corrugated metal to the most advanced carbon fibre. From the basic cable and wire control system to the fly-by-wire technology, Junkers and Eurofighter are icons of flight heritage.

Today Eurofighter has joined forces with renowned watch makers Junkers, who make watches designed for the elite pilot, to offer a limited edition Eurofighter Typhoon watch.
The Junkers brand is known for high tech, high performance and affordability alongside excellent quality and ruggedness – characteristics that Eurofighter Typhoon associates closely with.

Junkers watches were named after Hugo Junkers (1859-1935) the famous German aviation engineer and industrialist who invented the double piston engine drive ‘Junkers motor’ as well as constructing the first ever all metal aircraft. In 1920 with a Junkers aircraft, real passenger transport industry was born in the form of the J 13. In 1931 the company introduced the 3-BMW engine passenger aeroplane Ju 52, and dominated the aircraft market throughout the 1930s when almost every airline across the globe flew Junkers aeroplanes.

Eurofighter Typhoon, as the world’s best new generation, multi-role combat aircraft, also built in Germany, is the perfect partner to celebrate elite aircraft design and manufacture and precision instruments like the Junkers watches. The Junkers aviation watches are distinguished by detailed dials, stainless steel cases and precision movements to guarantee precision even under conditions of widely varying temperature changes.

A limited series, every Eurofighter-Junkers watch is engraved with the edition number plus Eurofighter Typhoon logo and Junkers symbol on the back of the encasement.