BAE SYSTEMS delivers first Eurofighter Typhoon Ground Proximity Warning

 The manoeuvre & Guidance System business of BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Tactical Products at Plymouth, United Kingdom, has delivered the first Eurofighter Typhoon Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) Line Replaceable Item( LRI). This represents the start of the process which will deliver 151 units over the next four years to cover the Tranche 1 aircraft build programme.

The delivery was made 21 months after the award of the development contract in January 1999 and only nine weeks after full approval of the production contract.

The programme involved the specification, development, build integration and qualification of a new Eurofighter Typhoon LRI to host a system based on the TERPROM Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN) system.

The TERPROM GPWS software is similar to that used on the Tornado LINS 764 programme but featuring other elements developed specifically for the Eurofighter Typhoon platform. GPWS enhancements for the Eurofighter Typhoon included the in-house development of an EFABus interface module. BAE SYSTEMS innovative approach to the LRI design emphasised simulation techniques, the involvement of the production represents throughout the programme, and the early and rapid generation of prototypes for evaluation.

The baseline TERPROM system also underwent significant upgrades the include the additional functionality required for Eurofighter Typhoon. As well as the new software for the EFABus interface, warnings have been added to enhance pilots’ situational awareness during GPWS recoveries: the systems for high dive GPWS scenarios has been further developed and extensive built-in test functionality has been added. These tasks have involved the modification or addition of around 10,000 line of ADA Code.

In addition to the Lri’s, the programme has developed and delivered the special to type test equipment and Terrain & Obstruction Data Preparation facilities to support the units at their flights test bases.

Team leader Stuart Cooper comments “ The success of the development programme has been the result of a continual focus on both the customers’ requirements and the need to deliver an effective design solution into production. This has been achieved by a multi-disciplined team with the skills and commitment to drive the system through the development programme from initial concept into manufacture”

Background Note

The Tactical Products Division of BAE SYSTEMS Avionics addresses the defence sectors of communications and information superiority, manoeuvre and precision engagement. It provides defence infrastructure and tactical communications capabilities, and uses a wide range of critical enabling technologies, products and systems to develop multi layered solutions which deliver platform differentiation on land, at sea and in the air.